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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#250 Interrupt causes document inconsistency assigned defect blocker 1:pg-eclipse
#14 Concurrency fixes new defect critical 1:pg-eclipse
#42 Extract Isabelle-specific behaviour; design prover extension point new enhancement critical 1:pg-eclipse
#66 Make parser more robust and suggest likely causes of error new defect critical 1:pg-eclipse
#246 Fix ProofScriptDocument partitionChangeBroadcast new defect critical 1:pg-eclipse
#249 Script management error for locales; undo action failure should not generate markers assigned critical 1:pg-eclipse
#251 Exception in editor startup new defect critical 1:pg-eclipse
#252 Tune script management markers new defect critical 1:pg-eclipse
#255 Refactor concurrency handling for document new defect critical 1:pg-eclipse
#5 Replace ThreadPool with Eclipse job management new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#10 Refactor and enhance document model new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#19 Use markers/positions for document processed and locked offsets new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#21 Refactor to remove DummyDocElement new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#26 Investigate and fix small-scale efficiency problems (e.g. undo in small-ish files) new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#27 Efficiency problems with larger files and larger outputs new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#33 Fix interrupts: interrupt crashes prover and interrupt ineffective new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#34 Event processing cleanups assigned task major 1:pg-eclipse
#35 Implement Java PGIP abstraction, independently of Eclipse code new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#37 ProverKnowledge updates and improvements new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#40 Implement document regions and annotations/markers for colouring new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#41 Revive GEF dependency graph viewer as a separate plugin new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#44 Support openblock/closeblock elements in prover parse output. new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#45 Use workbench progress feedbacks; provide busy indications new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#47 Complete configuration of <lexicalsyntax> elements assigned enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#54 Support file operations save-as, rename, revert properly during script management new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#55 Parsing whole file is costly; lazy "gathering" parser strategy is flawed new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#65 Use FindBugs to detect possible bugs new task major 1:pg-eclipse
#73 Enhancements for Proof Objects view new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#75 Proof Script Editor context menu improvements new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#76 Add Prove-As-You-Type option new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#79 Improve symbols: support table inclusions; add Mac and Windows overrides new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#90 Folding Improvements new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#93 Propagate position information in errors to make available to interface new defect major 4:prover-isabelle
#98 PGML changes: complete update for PGML 2.0 new defect major 4:prover-isabelle
#99 Reliable interrupts new defect major 4:prover-isabelle
#100 Make sure that large volumes of data can be handled by all parts of infrastructure new defect major 4:prover-isabelle
#101 Add scriptreplace and menu choice interaction new enhancement major 5:PGIP-design
#108 Support proof object searching via search dialog new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#122 Use Batch Build Command and Project Batch Build Command new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#127 Fix Action Bar active editor switching; simplify actions assigned defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#134 Generalise lexing to better match Isar syntax assigned enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#135 Quick diff symbol decoding broken new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#136 Add compare support for proof scripts new enhancement major 1:pg-eclipse
#142 New parsescript code in pgip_parser.ML is broken new defect major 4:prover-isabelle
#145 PGIP parser: add string tokens for categories new enhancement major 4:prover-isabelle
#146 Add "sendback" messages to match behaviour added to PG Emacs new enhancement major 5:PGIP-design
#147 Add support for (static) code templates inside Isabelle new enhancement major 4:prover-isabelle
#148 Add "continual validation" mode to PGIP new defect major 5:PGIP-design
#149 Unify batch and incremental mode of processing new defect major 4:prover-isabelle
#151 Make interface multiple-thread aware new defect major 4:prover-isabelle
#169 Complete buffer history enhancement assigned enhancement major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#194 Fix links on web pages and odd mime types for linked files under releases new defect major 6:web-and-docs
#243 Parsing errors: whitespace lost in parseresult new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#247 Proof Objects view (IdView) is broken new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#273 next-error functions: document and streamline accepted enhancement major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#276 Unicode tokens: resolve font-lock issues, optimise accepted task major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#351 Show/hide of proofs in Coq can hide too much accepted defect major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#353 "undo last proof command" does not work at the end of theory new defect major 1:pg-eclipse
#367 Fix web pages and update screenshots accepted task major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#377 Electric-terminator mode next line movement changed reopened defect major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#425 Consider simplifying span amalgamation to match prover undo behaviour accepted task major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#429 Coq should support *trace* buffer for idtac output reopened enhancement major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#448 Repair autotest load sequence so works in compiled and interpreted code accepted defect major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#456 initialization failure with defpacustom :eval new defect major PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#498 coq-compile-before-require should allow non-source installations new defect major PG-Emacs-4.3 7:prover-coq
#9 Fix history in output view new defect minor 1:pg-eclipse
#11 Builder for parsing/proving files automatically new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#12 Polish Proof Objects View; Link to Prover Knowledge new defect minor 1:pg-eclipse
#18 Add hover for prover output (on any blue space) new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#22 Refactor SessionManager assigned enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#25 Review in-code TODO and FIXME tasks new task minor 1:pg-eclipse
#29 Symbol table editing scheme: fix filename and add edit action rather than create new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#32 Add some user documentation new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#39 Code cleanups: use tag CLEANUP for old code prior to removal new task minor 1:pg-eclipse
#46 Extra view for Problem Details new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#53 Re-implement toolbar button enablers new defect minor 1:pg-eclipse
#57 Symbol table editor problems: doesn't report correct status, apply is very slow new defect minor 1:pg-eclipse
#58 Hangs during shutdown new defect minor 1:pg-eclipse
#59 Remove/check through OLD_BUG_LIST.txt new task minor 1:pg-eclipse
#60 Improve icons throughout new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#61 Make Proof Objects view into standalone RCP application new task minor 1:pg-eclipse
#62 PGIP console displays messages out-of-order; should allow hiding packets new defect minor 1:pg-eclipse
#80 Improve symbols/character display: allow superscript, subscript (and maybe bold, italic, colours, ...) new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#81 Investigate use of Computer Modern Unicode font new task minor 1:pg-eclipse
#82 Isabelle symbols: harmonise Isabelle.sym, x-symbol-isabelle.el and isabellesym.sty new task minor 1:pg-eclipse
#85 Outline view improvements new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#89 Remove tabs from Isabelle source files (theories, at least) new defect minor 4:prover-isabelle
#94 Selecting print mode via interface new enhancement minor 5:PGIP-design
#95 Refine spuriouscmd into two: destructivecmd and diagnosticcmd new defect minor 4:prover-isabelle
#96 Start/stop quiet: disable these and use statedisplay instead new enhancement minor 4:prover-isabelle
#97 Add Pretty.markup to parse tree output new defect minor 4:prover-isabelle
#102 Simplify message model according to new RNC, change Isabelle to match new defect minor 4:prover-isabelle
#104 Add preference listener to ProofScriptDocument new defect minor 1:pg-eclipse
#105 Preference handling refactor: add description text preferences, use those for display, remove ids new defect minor 1:pg-eclipse
#133 Enhance proof project nature: add proof project preference, use prover-specifics new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
#144 Build a hybrid top level that removes PG specific one new enhancement minor 4:prover-isabelle
#150 Remove use of PGIP message datatypes new defect minor 4:prover-isabelle
#195 Replace crufty PHP code for interpreting outline mode with some Javascript new enhancement minor 6:web-and-docs
#208 Generalise Coq's modeline subgoal counter for other provers accepted enhancement minor PG-Emacs-4.3 2:pg-emacs
#239 Remove reliance on dom4j new enhancement minor 1:pg-eclipse
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