Welcome to Proof General Trac!

This is our project management and issue tracking system.

To login, you must use a generic account (hint: name of your preferred proof assistant followed by "user", with the same password: e.g. "coquser", "isabelleuser" etc).

Login is necessary to avoid automated spamming. Account creation and email sending has been disabled for the same reason, unfortunately.

If you have a bug to report, a patch to supply or an enhancement to suggest please:

  1. search to see if something similar has already been reported;
  2. if not, login to use trac and make a ticket using the New Ticket button.

Please try to select the right components/version for your report and, in the case of bugs, say exactly which platform and external software versions you're using (e.g., which version of Emacs or Eclipse, and which version of Isabelle, Coq, etc).


-- Proof General Developers

Current Attention: Emacs Proof General 4.3

Suspended project: Proof General Eclipse

Emacs issues affecting Proof General


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