Feb 28, 2012:

3:50 PM Ticket #436 (Starting the coq process results in an error) closed by coquser
fixed: I was indeed using ProofGeneral version 4.1 (not a CVS version …

Feb 19, 2012:

1:56 PM Ticket #437 (compilation error with LANG=C) created by coquser
Hi, with setting LC_ALL=C LANG=C LANGUAGE=en_US:en …

Feb 13, 2012:

12:48 PM Ticket #436 (Starting the coq process results in an error) created by coquser
When starting the coq process, I get an error (wrong-type-argument …

Feb 7, 2012:

5:23 PM Ticket #435 (wrong behaviour of the period) closed by courtieu

Jan 25, 2012:

8:01 PM Ticket #435 (wrong behaviour of the period) created by coquser
I wonder if there is an issue with the treatment of the colon? Below …

Jan 14, 2012:

1:38 PM Ticket #434 (phox seems completely broken) created by coquser
I installed PhoX 0.88.100524 and tried to step through …

Jan 10, 2012:

5:33 PM Ticket #433 (unexpected cursor position after stepping through command with ...) created by coquser
Disclaimer: I am fairly new with PG and not yet used to the …
1:15 PM Ticket #430 (Make "Set Ltac Debug" work) closed by David Aspinall
fixed: The UI will now switch to display the *coq* window when debugging. …
11:54 AM Ticket #432 (Add documentation of *trace* buffer to PG Adapting manual) closed by David Aspinall
11:41 AM Ticket #429 (Coq should support *trace* buffer for idtac output) closed by David Aspinall
upstream: Waiting until Coq developers take note or someone supplies a patch to …
11:37 AM Ticket #378 (Makefile "make" should detect wrong bytecode file version and rebuild) closed by David Aspinall
wontfix: Giving up on this in absence of any proposed patch. Many software …

Jan 9, 2012:

3:29 PM Ticket #431 ("This subproof is complete" appears at bottom of goals) closed by David Aspinall
needmoreinfo: Could you upload a simple example please? (So non Coq user may try)

Dec 17, 2011:

9:17 AM WikiStart edited by David Aspinall

Dec 7, 2011:

3:29 PM Ticket #428 (subsubsection links not working in PG doc) closed by coquser
fixed: The problem was in the php parsing of the doc files, which was not …
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