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The Proof General Users mailing list is a low-volume list used for announcements of new versions, and occasional discussions amongst users.

This list is not for those having problems with the software: please visit the Proof General Trac and Proof General Wiki for help.


To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit the Mailman web page for the list.
Alternatively, you can send a message to with the word "subscribe" (or "unsubscribe password") in the message body.


The mailing list address is

In an effort to prevent spam, posting is restricted to list members. Please subscribe here before attempting to post.


Archives of the list (since July 2002) are kept here.

Proof General Developers list

There is a separate mailing list for those interested in the development of Proof General. The canonical address for this list is Again, posting is restricted to list members. Please visit the Mailman web page for subscription details.

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