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Proof General

Organize your proofs!


Here is a snapshot of the latest pre-release of Proof General, for testing the latest features and fixes. Developers may prefer to access the CVS repository, see below for details.

Check the CHANGES file for a summary of changes since the last stable version, and notes about work-in-progress.

Please report problems you find with the latest pre-release. Please register if you haven't done so already.

gzip'ed tar file ProofGeneral-4.3pre150930.tgz (14027k)
individual files http access to files in development release
documentation User Manual and Adapting Manual

Development Information

Proof General follows an open development method.
We encourage code contributions, suggestions, and bug reports, from all users.
Please see the PG trac and this wiki page for more pointers and collaboration.

CVS access

The Proof General CVS repository is available by anonymous CVS. Login with:

cvs -d login
and use the password anon. Then you can check out the CVS with:
cvs -d checkout ProofGeneral
For more information, see the file etc/cvs-tips.txt in the repository. If you want to have write access to the CVS repository, ask here first and fill in this page.

Plans and Projects

Developers Mailing List

We have a mailing list for developers, at
Posting is restricted to list members. To subscribe (or unsubscribe), visit this web page.

You can also directly send us a message about any development issues.

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